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Here's what I think...


As the complexity of our community changes in DeKalb, it is important that our schools and School Board reflect and embrace the diversity citizens of DeKalb.


The achievement gap is a topic that has been discussed for quite some time. Lots of talk, with very little progress. Who will take this task seriously and are we satisfied w/ simply going along as usual, stating that we care but lack the necessary action that shows we care. Progress for some equal progress for all; therefore it benefits all students when the Achievement Gap is closed.


For our valuable people resource, (the entire personnel that make our schools run: Principals, teachers, para-professionals, custodians, librarians bus drivers/monitors). We allow too many skilled and qualified personnel leave our District for other opportunities because we have not fully supported and equipped them for success and advancement opportunities.  (I.E. Social/Emotional support, etc……..)


Contact w/ the community to eliminate a sense of top down communication. Create a more collaborative approach that takes seriously feedback from all partners.

Committee to Elect David Seymour
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